Algo Trading News Headlines 6/7/2018

How a job invented by Goldman Sachs took over the banking industry


It’s not just GS though. In the past few years, strats have caught on elsewhere too. Deutsche Bank now has them. So does Morgan Stanley. So does J.P. Morgan. So does Credit Suisse. And wherever there are strats, there is strat hiring. Morgan Stanley, for example, currently has around 50 strat vacancies. Insiders say Deutsche Bank’s strats team, set up by ex-GS strat Sam Wisnia, has gone from zero to over 100 in four years

Photo by  chuttersnap  on  Unsplash

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Hedging with Machine Learning


Before McDonald’s could introduce Chicken McNuggets, they had to hedge against the cost of chicken. If chicken prices rose dramatically, they would no longer be able to offer the product. After some time, a financial consultant determined that there were two costs associated with raising chickens. That is grain and water.

9 Most Commonly Asked Questions About MarketStore And Answers To Them


In social media and offline, we’ve been answering questions and responding to comments, but today we wanted to take the opportunity to put all the queries and responses together in one post and share it with the entire community so everyone can get a look at the responses on a single post.