Algo Trading News Headlines 8/23/2018

Barclays hires AI specialist from Goldman intrading revamp


The hire is another sign of Barclays’ intent to ensure its markets business can compete with rivals in the City and on Wall Street, which are increasingly turning to new technologies to improve performance and cut costs.

No Quant Is Safe as Global Stress Hits Risk Parity Where It Hurts


Risk-parity’s travails might test faith in the trading style over traditional allocations. It’s among the worst-performing categories tracked by JPMorgan, falling 1.2 percent this year. That compares to a 2.1 percent gain for long-short equity funds, 1.7 percent for macro funds, and 2.9 percent for balanced mutual accounts, according to data published by the U.S. bank earlier this month.

UBS trials Netflix-style algorithms for trading suggestions


UBS is looking at applying recommendation algorithms to suggest trades to its asset management and hedge fund clients, similar to those used by a host of consumer technology companies.

Market makers, takers and fakers: US exchanges are losing fast


The great ETF debate rages on and there’s a lot of conjecture as to why the SEC should or shouldn’t approve one. But what needs to be addressed foremost is the immaturity and unreliability of many of the exchanges that bitcoin derives its “global spot price” from — that number now over 210 — and the obstacles they may encounter going forward.

Indicators That Could Have Made You 626% ROI During The Recent Bloodbath


Those indicators are the 5 EMA and 10 EMA as can be seen on the daily chart for BTC/USD. These indicators have been signaling the direction of every bullish and bearish wave throughout the correction period.