Algo Trading News Headlines 8/22/2018

Wall Street Erases the Line Between Its Jocks and Nerds


There used to be a strict hierarchy: Traders made money and won glory while programmers wrote code and stayed out of sight. Those days are over. Meet the straders. Part risk-taking trader and part computer-whiz “strategist,” they are prowling the halls at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., erasing a once-religious line between the jocks and the nerds.

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Israel’s Central Bank Wants Increased Regulation on Algorithmic Trading


Over 90% of the activities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are algorithmically performed, according to a new research published by Israel’s central bank last week. While the number of algorithmic automated high-frequency trading (HFT) activities on the exchange is higher than most stock exchanges, the actual rate of transactions they execute, between 23% and 35%, is significantly lower than global standards, the report said.

Global Algorithmic Trading Market 2018–2025 by Business Players: Virtu Financial, KCG, DRW Trading, Optiver


Geographically, the global Algorithmic Trading market is designed for the following regional markets: USA, EU, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India. It also studies the revenue market status, analysis of main manufacturers. It deciphers the Sales Price and Gross Margin Analysis and Global Sales Price Growth Rate, Marketing Trader or Distributor Analysis. The role of traders and distributors is emphasized in this research. The complete analysis of Algorithmic Trading Market on the global scale provides key details in form of graphs, statistics and tables which will help the market players in making key business decisions.

Wall Street Finds Limits with Current AI Applications


“A lot of work needs to be done to translate (AI) advancements into benefits for finance,” said Ambika Sukla, executive director of machine learning and AI at Morgan Stanley, at an AI conference Tuesday. “As we work on some of these new models, it’s important to proceed carefully and have a human in the loop.”

Machine Trading: Deploying Computer Algorithms to Conquer the Markets


Algorithmic trading is booming, and the theories, tools, technologies, and the markets themselves are evolving at a rapid pace. This book gets you up to speed, and walks you through the process of developing your own proprietary trading operation using the latest tools.

Comparing 3 Different Types of Neural Network Architectures in Finance


When working on a machine learning task, the network architecture and the training method are the two key factors to turning a set of data-points into a functional model. But where should different training methods be applied? How do they work? And which is “best”? In this post, we list up three types of training methods and make comparisons among Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning.

Coinscious Introduces Crypto Prediction Machine Built to Synergize AI and the Blockchain


Every day, people spend significant amounts of time reading financial news and checking cryptocurrency prices, gathering information that they hope can lead to better decisions. However, the quantity of information available is overwhelming and calls for effective tools and suitable methodologies to enable us to distill data into actionable insights. By processing large data sets quickly, machine learning algorithms can use news sources such as the Financial Times, The Washington Post, or Twitter to provide key insights.