Algo Trading News Headlines 8/17/2018

Startup Raises $23 Million To Make Crypto Trades Faster And Stealthier


Silicon Valley-based cryptocurrency trading platform Sfox has raised $23 million in new investment, led by venture firms Tribe Capital and Social Capital. The 20-person startup aims to help investors make large trades by routing their orders to multiple places, enabling faster execution and better prices. Khosla Ventures, startup accelerator Y Combinator, and crypto investors Blockchain Capital and Digital Currency Group also participated in the Series A funding round. Forbes estimates Sfox has reached $15 million in revenue over the past 12 months.

Photo by  John-Paul Henry  on  Unsplash

Blockchain Firm Exscudo To Add Trading Robots Support On Its Crypto Exchange


Exscudo is currently testing a trading terminal API that will allow Exscudo exchange users to utilize a trading robot that automatically makes trading decisions based on market data analysis and pre-programmed set of parameters.

Forecasting Market Movements Using Tensorflow — Intro into Machine Learning for Finance


In this post we’ll be looking at a simple model using Tensorflow to create a framework for testing and development, along with some preliminary results and suggested improvements.

The World Economic Forum warns that AI may destabilize the financial system


Compiled through interviews with dozens of leading financial experts and industry leaders, the report concludes that artificial intelligence will disrupt the industry by allowing early adopters to outmaneuver competitors. It also suggests that the technology will create more convenient products for consumers, such as sophisticated tools for managing personal finances and investments.