Algo Trading News Headlines 8/2/2018

Fondex simplifying copy and algorithmic trading for its growing customer base


Traders can create algorithms with varying degrees of complexity. They can automate only a part of their trading strategy so as to avoid monitoring a chart, or they can create complex algorithms that read multiple markets and time frames, use multiple indicators, and employ sophisticated risk management systems that even take into account calendar events and news.

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash

Former High-Speed Trading Executives Allege ‘Tyrannical Coup’ at Quantlab


A leadership fight has broken out over one of the world’s most secretive and profitable high-frequency trading firms, pitting a beret-wearing mathematician against a former business partner and a Ukrainian physicist.

Four simple steps to creating a Trading Bot without any Coding skills


Most important is the fact that any trader can transform their own peculiar trading strategy into an automated system without any special expertise that is beyond typing in plain English.

Algo Trading for Dummies — Building a Custom Back-tester


Building a back-tester is a fantastic conceptual exercise. Not only does this give you a deeper insight into orders and their interaction with the market, but it can also provide the framework for the order handling module of your trading bot.

Tradingene, the new way to invest in trading algorithms


The platform’s marketplace for trading algorithms and subscription plans were released this week, bringing trading algorithms to retail investors and creating new investment opportunities.