Algo Trading News Headlines 7/27/2018

INSIDE SCOOP One Market-Beating Quant Firm Was Buying Facebook Last Quarter


By their nature, quant firms — known for their rapid trading — may hold a stock only for as long as it takes to eat a candy bar. Yet a look at how Acadian’s positions have changed over the course of a quarter offers insights into the longer-term strategy of the market-beating money manager.

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The Problem With Algo Trading


Everywhere you look there are robots taking over. Even in markets! With the rise of quant trading, AI, algos, and everything else, is there even room for us human traders?

Algo Trading for Dummies — Implementing an Actual Trading Strategy


While most strategies that are successful long term are based on a mix of technical and fundamental factors, the fundamental behaviors which are exploited are often very nuanced and vary hugely, so its hard to generalize for an article. As such, we’ll be focusing more on the tools and methods for making strategies based on technical analysis.

Automated Trading Industry — Leading Key Companies


Some of the key players influencing the market are Citadel LLC, KCG Holdings, Virtu Financial., Trading Technologies International, Inc., InfoReach, Inc., Tethys Technology, Inc., Lime Brokerage LLC, FlexTrade Systems, Inc., Tower Research Capital LLC and Hudson River Trading LLC among others.

This company changes the DNA of investing — through machine learning


Now that it is possible to comb through the behavior patterns of millions of traders and use algorithms to understand how they think, social trading networks, such as eToro, add another dimension of information to this process.