Jump to the Front of Commission Free Algo Trading Waitlist

Hundreds of algo traders have already joined the waitlist for Alpaca, the first ever commission free algo trading platform. We’d love to let everyone in at the same time, but we have to test the platform and admit people over time.

 Images via:Woolme

Images via:Woolme

Take a look at the Alpaca Coding Challenge below.

But we wanted to offer an opportunity to jump to the front of the waitlist line if you’re up for a little challenge.

Once you’ve come up with an answer to our coding puzzle, email it to puzzle@alpaca.markets. Everyone who gets the correct answer will be moved to the front of the waitlist and be among the very first to have access to completely commission free algo trading.

We’ll announce the winners on May 25.

Want to get extra special love and attention and get to the very front of the waitlist line? Share a link to the Coding Challenge (https://alpaca.markets/puzzle) on social media using #codingwithalpacas. We’ll keep a list of everyone who shares the Alpaca Coding Challenge and you’ll also get an invite to move to the front of the line.

And we also have one other special gift. Everyone who sends in an answer will be entered in a drawing and we’ll choose a handful of names at random who will receive a free copy of Machine Trading, by Author Ernie Chan. We are big fans! 


Happy Coding!

You can also just sign up for the waitlist at https://alpaca.markets