Algo History Made This Weekend

We’re very happy to report we have helped make a little financial history this weekend when we admitted the very first users from our waitlist to the Alpaca platform and for the first time ever algo trades were conducted without a incurring a single penny of trading commissions! These users 

  1. ported their algos directly on to our platform, 
  2. deposited funds into their account and 
  3. launched their algo trading strategies 

all on our groundbreaking commission free platform. Certainly, this is an exciting milestone for our startup, but it’s a huge step forward for algo trading as a whole.

Automated trading is the wave of the future on Wall Street. 

Last year, J.P. Morgan told CNBC that only 10 percent of stock trades today on U.S. exchanges are actually ordered by human traders.

But it’s also the wave of the future across America. More than ever, there are qualified individuals who can write algorithms and use them to trade and do it as well as any institution. We think it’s critical that there is a platform that lowers the cost of algo trading to encourage and inspire this revolutionary change in consumer trading.

It seems like we cannot count on U.S. regulators to do much to force markets to respond to this shift to automated trading. India, the E.U., even the post EU United Kingdom seems to be doing more than the U.S. when it comes to making algo trading more affordable and less technologically challenging. Free market solutions like our Alpaca are in fact the real driving force in eliminating trading commissions on algo trades.

So please join us on this journey to make algo trading commission free for everyone. And it won’t be long before the algo trading wave forces the truly transformational end to trading commissions everywhere. Push this movement forward and sign up for commission free algo trading!