Alpaca: Algo Trading Commission Free is Finally Here.

Today we are taking the wraps off Alpaca, the world’s first commission free algo trading platform that is SEC registered and a FINRA member. Alpaca offers a stack of free and powerful AI tools that we believe could accelerate shifting the center of power in investing from Wall Street to Main Street.


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It’s nothing new to say the World has changed. But the Wall Street World has changed very little in some respects. But that’s about to change.

Today, there are smart people all over the country who are developing their own trading strategies by harnessing the power of code to write algorithms that take more and more of the guesswork out of trading. Over time, we firmly believe algo traders will develop the winning trading strategies of tomorrow that will attract billions of dollars in investments. America’s hedge funds won’t all be located up and down Wall Street. They’ll have their offices on Main Streets in towns and cities across America.

Years ago, a couple of young entrepreneurs assembling computers in the garage would go on to upend the entire communications, computing, music and media landscape when they founded Apple. It’s not too hard to believe that coders working away in their dorm rooms, garages or home offices are going to write algorithms that change securities trading as we know it.

And we believe our platform is an important part of driving this transformation. Never before, have algo traders been able to write their algo and let it execute as many trades as is necessary without incurring a single penny in commission expense. One of the downsides of writing powerful code prior to today was that trades driven by algorithms happen so quickly and frequently that the traditional model of paying for every trade led to huge trading expenses. Join our waitlist now.

That changes today.

At its core, our new platform Alpaca is the first modern, easy-to-integrate brokerage web API built specifically for algo trading.

Some of the key stats and technology innovations in Alpaca include:

Alpaca Web API

• Web-standard REST and WebSocket interface

• Open accessible document

• Client SDK in python, Go, C#, JavaScript

• Secure and minimal overhead authentication for each individual algo

Fast and broad data delivery backed by MarketStore

• Over 100 times faster than current solutions in the market*

• Allows all 8k stocks in the US equities in one request

• Allows to query years of data at minute level

*Quantitative metrics of “over 100 times faster” is measured based on fetching 1 minute bar for the last 1 year of one stock.

We are committed to delivering the best platform for all algo traders.

  • Integration with open source backtest/trading systems such as zipline and LEAN
  • WebHook integration for user-defined notification to harness Slack, Email, Discord, etc.
  • Algo hosting service and performance analysis built in the platform, like Heroku
  • Constant algo tuning backed by iterative optimization engine

Alongside the world’s first Web API Algo platform, we offer users free AI tools that can be used to improve and refine algo trading code. Our AI technology includes various optimization, prediction, fuzzy pattern-matching and more with natural trendline calculation to identify support and resistance using heuristics+ML.

Other features in our AI tools include:

Reinforcement learning and policy learning — identify optimal exit point given static entry logic

Quantitative portfolio management method — using fundamental and technical data based on the factor model

Parallel backtesting and optimization engine — finds the optimal parameters of algos with latest market condition

Ensemble module — improves the accuracy of deep learning classification and price prediction

Intraday price movement — feature extraction

News analysis — based on NLP using deep learning and ML to score and filter actionable content

Only a handful of users have been admitted to Alpaca today but we’re accepting sign ups on our waitlist today.

Please join us at